July 17, 2008

Day 79: 1 July- Portomarin to Lestedo

With the heat of recent afternoons, we were definitely into 'leaving early' mode. At 6.15am we were walking across the footbridge out of Portomarin. Then we had a beautiful climb up through forest, where it was actually still quite dark, and I used my wee torch to light our footing for a short while.
Like every morning since we had descended from O'Cebreiro, it was misty to begin with, and I captured these droplets on a spider web.
This was obviously a part of the route well trodden over the centuries, with some historic crosses, and traces of old pilgrim cemeteries.
As this day progressed though, the weather started to change, and it wasn't as warm as other days. Actually I was quite pleased it was cooler: it made it easier to enjoy the scenery and buildings we were walking past on these quiet Galician roads.
We stopped for the night in a lovely small albergue on the edge of the village of Lestedo, attached to the local bar. Only six of us stayed, and we enjoyed a friendly time together.
And for the first time since we had arrived in Galicia, the rain it is famous for arrived!

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