July 17, 2008

Day 32: 15 May- Condom to Montreal-du-Gers

As we ate a hearty breakfast in the gite, we talked with the gite owner, and discovered that he had walked the Camino five times...
The ground was becoming quite flat in this region. And as well as crops, we passed quite a few vineyards today.
As my Quebec friends came from Montreal, they had a special interest in coming to this town with Montreal in its name. And the town seemed particularly welcoming. The tourist office woman was very helpful. And there was a small museum attached that gave some ideas about the nearby Roman villa ruins, as well as information about early mammal fossils, and neolithic objects found in the area. Later I learned it was even possible to go to the Mayor's office and use a computer to access the internet.... a very welcoming young man left his desk so I could use his computer.. wow!When we rested at our gite for the night, we saw groups of school-children walking back from the Roman ruins. To finish the day....there was a spectacular thunderstorm .

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