July 17, 2008

Day 26: 9 May - Moissac - Rest day

I had heard about the treasures of Moissac well before I arrived there, from quite a few French people who also loved Conques.

When I was cycling in the Loire in 2006, I kept 'stumbling' across images of St Martin sharing his cloak, and somehow I was powerfully attracted by its message. Here in Moissac I found St Martin again sharing his cloak on capitals in the cloister.

In the church there was so much to look at,
and these medieval statues held my attention for a long time. The emotions experienced by those burying Christ seemed so very real when I looked at this medieval sculpture.
Rom, at the Ultriea gite, told me about the singing of the nuns at Lauds and Vespers in the abbey. Such a small group of nuns, and their voices were transformed into something angelic.
My rest day in Moissac was wonderful, staying at Ultreia with Rom and Aideen, and being 'aunty' a little while with their baby boy, was like being with family. Plus they had a foot spa which rejuvenated my feet! And I was able to spend some time just lazing on my bed with a book....
And it was surprising how many others I saw downtown, also taking a break for an extra day in Moissac.... even the mule I had last seen at Domaine des Mathieux in the rain.... I was in good company.

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