July 17, 2008

Day 40: 23 May- Uzan to Cambarrat

It was time to set off in the rain (again!), though it was warm enough. The Pyrenees were getting closer, but it was hard to imagine I would see much of them, given the amount of rain we had experienced lately...

After about three hours the sun came out though. Took a slight detour to see this restored Chapelle de Caubin.
Next town was Arthez de-Bearn, and near the church there was seating from where you got a wonderful view of the Pyrenees.
Next I took a slight 'shortcut', along the previous route of the GR, a more direct route to the gite of Cambarrat, where I was spending the night.

And what a wonderful place it was to stay, in a gite attached to the family home of Nicolas and Isabelle and their children. The whole house has been built using old materials that Nicolas collected up, so although it looks 'old' and as if it has been on its site for generations, it is actually fairly new.
The weather decided to pack-it-in yet again in the afternoon, so there wasn't much delight in outdoor exploration. At one point I had my feet up on the bed, and L&D were 'visiting'. Isabelle came in and accused me of being "La Regne" (queen), with my courtiers paying tribute:- it was a label I was to hear again from my friends on the journey ahead! However, then Isabelle took us into the kitchen, where she hand-drew her 'stamp' in our credentials, and explained its meaning to us. She is very artistic and involved in designing Basque materials. Later she took the three of us 'foreigners' over to where the computers were, and her teenagers graciously made way for us to check our e-mails.
The meal was delicious and afterwards Nicolas came in to play his banjo for a while. We felt so very welcome in this place.

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