July 17, 2008

Day 57: 9 June- Granon to Tosantos

Well, by this stage it was starting to feel kind of ironic that I had worried about finding the heat in Spain too much to handle. As I started walking along muddy tracks in rain yet again, I was wishing I still had my good warm windjacket with me!!

Now I know that this photo is not to everyone's taste. But when you walk along in the outdoors as much as we Chemin-Camino walkers do, you get to notice all the fat slugs along the ground. And I often wondered how they got so fat. Well, now I know.... they are carnivores that can eat all the worms that are a bit the worse for wear in the rain.....
The first part of today's route was actually through lovely countryside, near wheatfields etc. But much of the day's walk ended up being near the noise of busy highways. Not exactly my favourite. I had thought I might stop in Belorado for the night, but found there was digging going on in the main street around the church etc, that had really churned up all the mud on this wet day. So I decided to carry on to Tosantos, which would shorten the long day that lay ahead for the next day.

This was the street in Tosantos where the albergue was. I had to take a photo of this sign as I have a good friend called Marina, who had no idea there was a famous saint in Spain with her name.
I stayed in a Christian albergue in Tosantos. It had a really lovely backyard that I am sure gets really enjoyed in the summertime. Hmmm. Summertime now you say? Another day to shiver in actually!
There was a wonderful hearty evening meal, again cooked by the hospitaleros. There was also a 'prayer' time after dinner, that was said to be 'optional'. But when I opted not to go, the German hospitalero came back to check three times that I really was sure I didn't want to go.... Oh dear, someone told me once she thought I suffered from oppositional defiant syndrome ;-)

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