July 17, 2008

Day 67: 19 June- El Burgo Ranero to Mansilla de las Mulas

There was a 'lights out' until 6.30am policy in this albergue so we left slightly later than usual on a day we thought could well turn out to be quite hot. But the sun was still just beginning to make its mark as we headed out of the village, L & D & I.
'Everyone' on the Camino has a 'shadow' shot.... this is one of L's favourite photos!

It was 12km of flat, easy walking to reach Reliegos, our first village for the day. So it was a longer than usual wait for breakfast! We passed quite a few mud-straw buildings en route.
By the time we reached Mansilla it was a rather hot day. But it still was essential to stop and pose alongside these tired looking pilgrims.
There are going to be two things I will do if I go on another long walk: I am going to pose by every single pilgrim statue I pass! And I am going to sing in a lot more (open) churches!
The albergue in Mansilla was one of my favourites of the whole trip. There was a very friendly welcome from the hospitaleros. The older man here had planted geraniums in pots that decorated all four walls of the inner courtyard. All evening people sat out here around the tables, and enjoyed the atmosphere.
Despite the heat, I went out to explore the town a little. But I got lost and explored its medieval gates and walls a little longer than I had intended!You can see some of the beautiful geraniums here in the courtyard as L&D have dinner. This evening, by the geraniums, I also met up with Tom and Tania, a young Kiwi couple. And it turned out I went to school with Tom's aunty, and I was later to learn that my sister knew his parents. These kind of connections are often not so hard to make when you meet fellow Kiwi travellers....


  1. Indeed! Me and my Fiancee were randomly seated in a restaurant in Roncevalles and resigned to a quiet meal as we were sourrounded by Germans on all sides. When a slightly older couple were sat down opposite us a few minutes later I greeted them with a rather hopeful Habla Inglis? With an accent not heard in weeks they replied, 'Yes, we are from NZ actually'. Not only were they from my hometown of Christchurch, but knew my father!! We saw them once more in Pamplona and then no more..

  2. I saw a post from you on the Santiago forum, mentioning your next plans! I didn't meet too many Kiwis en route at all, but one night in France there were three other Kiwis and an Australian in the same bunk room. That was kind of amazing, as I can't recall meeting any other Kiwis until I was well into Spain, and even then I only met a handful.