July 17, 2008

Day 64: 16 June -Fromista to Carrion de los Condes

"Senda" next to roads- this is not the Camino at its most interesting. A lot of walking today was on tracks like this. Flat and boring. Not my favourite kind of route!
I did spy this interesting lamp-post in a village along the way though, and I also found a delicious crunchy New Zealand apple in a bar. Yum!
However, hospitality is a gift. All the frustrations of a boring day's walk melted away when I reached the parish albergue in Carrion de los Condes, next to the church in the middle of town, and run by mostly young Augustinian sisters. They were incredibly welcoming, and took each person up to find their bed for the night. Then in the evening they had a singing session where you were welcome to join them or not, as you chose. People filled up the chairs in the entrance foyer, then sat on the staircase. There were mainly Spanish songs, and most were religious. But some, like 'Guantanamera' we were all able to join in with. And Lyne taught people "Ultreia". The sisters finished off with a blessing, and handed out little coloured paper stars. I carried mine carefully in my wallet to Santiago, then gave it to my friend Monique near Paris....

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