July 17, 2008

Day 31: 14 May- La Romieu to Condom

La Romieu has little cats dotted all around in odd places on buildings in the village. The legend about the young woman who saved the cats has been treated imaginatively in the modern town.
You have to look hard to find the 'cats' on window ledges, walls..... I didn't find them all.... but it was fun looking....
There were more cultivated fields lining today's walking route. I am glad I was here in spring as everything was starting to grow.
You learn before you have walked far along this route, that everyone has their own idea about how far it is to Santiago.... signs never quite coincide with the same distance....
but I was very glad to see this encouraging home-made sign whether it was accurate or not! Finally I was about to walk into three-digit territory.

In Condom I caught up with my Quebec friends in time for lunch, then the rain began pouring down.... but I found an internet cafe where I spent the next two hours catching up on e-mail and the blog, with no queue of people behind me needing the computer.
The cathedral in Condom was majestic... but I found it sad.... it was like a huge dead shell that no longer seemed to have much real life lived in it apart from a few tourists and pilgrims gazing around.
It was a weird evening meal in the gite, with a strange combo of things I had bought, but fresh strawberries were delicious. It was a quiet peaceful time with my Quebec friends until we started talking about songs... and then we discovered there was internet on the computer in the lounge. We used it to find the lyrics for 'Ultreia', and "Climb every mountain" which we sang lustily. And when a group of Frenchwomen arrived home they all joined in as well. It was a joyful night to remember!

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