July 17, 2008

Day 44: 27 May- Ostabat to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port

With all the recent rain, the path from Ostabat was fairly muddy and the grass was slippery. But I was aware this was my last long walk in France, and so I didn't really want to 'opt out' and end up walking via the busy road.

This historic cross was near to the road.
This sign provided a talking point with my Quebec friends ;-)
When it finally came time to choose between the main road and a quieter road through some small villages, I am so glad I opted for the longer Chemin. The villages I passed through were peaceful and beautiful, and I had time to reflect on all the places I had walked in France, and to be thankful for the experience.

The Pyrenees and rain seemed to 'go together'. There was a bus stop where several people found shelter from the rain for lunch: this young dog has already learned it would seem, that pilgrims might share their lunch!
There was a steepish climb at the end up to St-Jean-Pied-de-Port, but it was oh so worth it. I walked through the St Jacques gate with an incredible feeling of achievement that I had 'made it' through the whole French section of the walk. I was so very happy!!!!!!!!
I asked a couple who passed by if they would take my photo. They obliged, then wished me "Happy Holidays". I was glad for their wishes, but it hadn't quite been a 'holiday"!!

Just a little down the hill, was the Pilgrim Office, where I received a warm welcome from some dedicated people, and some information sheets for the Spanish part of the walk, including clear instructions for the routes over the Pyrenees.
And nearly straight over the road was "l'Esprit du Chemin", the welcoming gite where I was to spend two nights, and have a relaxing 'rest day' before 'that' climb over the Pyrenees.


  1. I breathed a sigh of relief and joy as I read of your final walk into SJPP. Congratulations on completing that journey! And now I am looking forward to your account of the part of the Camino I know...

  2. I enjoyed reading the account of your walk from Le Puy to St Jean Pied de Port. I hope to walk it in September 2013. I also enjoyed reliving my walk from St Jean to Santiago that I completed last August with my daughter.

    1. Hi Henk, I am glad you enjoyed the blog, and hope your plans for 2013 all flow smoothly. I rewalked the section from Le Puy to Conques this past May, so will be adding a few edits and extra photos sometime in the next few months. Margaret

  3. I got tears reading this last post and seeing the photo of you under the gate.

    1. It was the end of one part of the walk, and the start of something quite different. I was ready for a rest in SJPP between the two!