July 17, 2008

Day 77: 29 June- Triacastela to Sarria

I left early for the climb up to San Xil. It was beautiful, passing through forest, past farmland, and quite misty to start with. So very peaceful.
I could easily imagine the Celts here, in Galicia.
I stopped in a bar to have a hot chocolate. Then I was passed by all these cows being herded down the main street of the village....It seemed that I had lost touch with my two friends from Quebec...usually we found each other after a day or two..... but I had not seen them since the day before climbing O'Cebreiro. This day, I had intended to walk a few kms past Sarria, but as I walked up the hill past the Don Alvaro albergue, I heard my name called out the window. Lyne and Denis were here! They soon told me about the wonders of this albergue, like the warm welcome,
the sun loungers, free internet... They made it such a hard decision! Before long, I had decided to stay there too.
We decided that we would walk together now for the rest of the trip into Santiago.
In the evening the soccer final was being played between Germany and Spain. There was a group of young Germans staying in the albergue who were confident of their victory. But their faces were looking kind of long by half-time, and the car horns being tooted outside told of a different victor.
Meanwhile, those of us not committed to watching the soccer took advantage of a special treat in this albergue - a room with a fire, conducive to conversation.....and for those who wished, a very special kind of Galician drinking experience....

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