July 17, 2008

Day 45: 28 May- SJPP -rest day

I loved my rest day in SJPP. I did a bit of laundry, spent a bit of time lazing on my bed reading a mystery novel, and wandered the streets.... One of the great things about wandering was the number of people I 'banged into' on the streets of SJPP who were also having a rest. I enjoyed seeing Liliane and Robert again...
and Les DD's appeared around a corner with their exuberant greeting.
This street left no illusions about the direction for the morrow,
and the climb ahead loomed!
I enjoyed spending time in SJPP, wandering the narrow streets, looking at the buildings, the bridges and the Basque linen fabrics. (I wished I had bought some: they were superb!)
A young Swiss man I had seen walking the previous day called me over for a hot chocolate. He left the cafe before I did, and when I went to pay I discovered he already had. (Who said chivalry is dead?!)
I joined Lyne and Denis for lunch by the St Jacques gate. We were all in a state of euphoria celebrating how far we had come, but we also knew anxiety, concerned about the climb that loomed ahead......
We played around a little, distracting ourselves from the reality of the climb ahead.... And that evening I enjoyed another shared meal in L'Esprit du Chemin... conviviality that gave strength for the day ahead...


  1. Dear Margaret,

    Today by chance I began reading your wonderful blog! What a pleasure it is. I am glad that you enjoyed "la belle France" and look forward to your further descriptions on the Camino in Spain.


    Margaret Meredith


  2. Thanks Margaret,
    I have just read your blog and am sorry you had to finish all too soon.
    Yes, I did enjoy France, and have thoughts of more French walking in my mind, possibly Cluny to say Figeac, then maybe down to St Lizier nearer the Pyrenees, through Lourdes and onto the Camino Aragones to Estella. But time will tell. First I need to save some money to get myself there!