July 17, 2008

Day 29: 12 May- Miradoux to Lectoure

Theresa's house looked beautiful with all the flowers in the morning sunshine. The 5km walk to Castet-Arrouy seemed to quickly pass by, with this ruin in sight amongst the crops along the way.
Castet-Arrouy was a village with a very welcoming feel to it. There was a stamp for credentials in the porch, and seats outside the church, where all walkers seemed to be stopping for a break in the sunshine. A local man came by and had welcoming words and a smile for all who passed.

It was another day passing crops and flowers in this fertile part of France.

Sometimes there was welcome shade along the way,and sometimes you shared the sunshine with the growing crops.
I spent time walking with the two Quebecois... here are some feet taking advantage of the sunshine at lunchtime!
Lectoure was yet another interesting old town, and we passed through its old walls as we climbed up to it, yet another hill-top town with its medieval past evident. The two Quebecois spent the night in the parish gite, where they had dinner with the two local priests as well as fellow pilgrims. I used the Cathedral as a place to find welcome respite from the heat, and later from the subsequent thunderstorm. And I stayed in another great gite, l'etoile occitane, run by a lovely young woman who is a former pelerin herself.
She did helpful things like book us into the only local restaurant open for dinner on this holiday evening. And it was a great meal, even if I did hear horrifying things about the vipers and ticks in the long grass. I went to bed thinking I would certainly have my Camino ended sooner rather than later by a snake in the grass, or even more likely, a dose of Lyme disease from a tick. As you can tell from this blog... neither event eventuated, but I was nervous from then on whenever I walked in long grass.....

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