July 17, 2008

Day 53: 5 June- Los Arcos to Viana

There was more peaceful countryside to walk through today, and several pleasant villages. The foot massage had done wonders for my ankles, and I was able to walk so much more freely.
I had decided to stay in Viana instead of pushing onto the city of Logrono. Viana appeared ahead.... and kept appearing ahead... that flat stretch into the town seemed to take forever!!!
It was an interesting historic town to spend time exploring though and I am glad I stopped here. The albergue was through this magnificent gate, and you could see the remnants of a historic church being restored next door, as well as terraced gardens nearby. Viana also had a pharmacy that had a superb collection of earplugs. I bought some, and they were to save my sanity on many a dormitory-night to come!!
I know this is a very grainy photo... but here are some 'triple bunks'. I had heard of such things before, but this is the first time I had come across them for real. Fortunately the hospitalero was assigning bunk numbers, and she gave lower bunks to all the older ladies ;-) while the young fit things copped the top bunks! (Unless of course you arrived late in the day when there were only top bunks left...)

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