July 17, 2008

Day 80: 2 July- Lestedo to Melide

At 5am I heard rain on the roof....but it turned out to be mostly dry this day, and definitely cooler, which suited me well!
I loved this part of Galicia. We got to walk along many leafy lanes, and past many historic bridges and churches. And although we were sometimes near roads, they were quiet ones, and our path was usually well separated off from the road.
I had heard that the municipal albergue in Melide was very dirty so was not looking forward to staying there. But it seemed like they had had a major clean up, and it was fine. There was a "Jesus loves you" kind of group singing lustily on guitars as we arrived. They were serving delicious looking paella out to pilgrims for lunch, but I didn't eat any as I didn't want to have to be witnessed to! I should have eaten it: chances are nobody spoke English anyhow... and I could always have pretended I spoke Lithuanian or something!

We had a sense now that the end of our journey was very close....

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