July 17, 2008

Day 63: 15 June- Itero de la Vega to Fromista

It had been such a gorgeous day yesterday, that it seemed like a forecast for rain with 65% probability had to be wrong. But it wasn't!
It was a flat walk this morning. Nothing was open in Boadilla del Camino for breakfast. But soon afterwards the track moved along beside a canal, where there was the wonderful noise of frogs to join the birdsong. And the canal led eventually to the edge of Fromista, where I parted from it.
I joined Lyne and Denis at 1pm Mass, then we lunched in a nearby restaurant. Then it rained some more, and I never did quite get to like Fromista. The hospitalero wasn't especially friendly, and with the rain, it was hard to find somewhere other than the dorm to gather in and talk to others. And those in my dorm room were mostly grumpy old men who just wanted to sleep the day away, with some ominous signs of how many snorers there were amongst them... Grump!!
However, the rain did eventually ease off. And this exquisite Romanesque church of St Martin, near the municipal albergue in Fromista, reopened after the siesta for visits. And if you visit Fromista for no other reason, this church is worth coming for....

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