July 17, 2008

Day 33: 16 May- Montreal-du-Gers to Eauze

Well, you can tell there was rain today... not much to choose from in the photo department as it rained quite a bit of the day! I took this photo of the southern-style tile roofs indoors in the afternoon... from the window of the gite communal.
The first part of the day's walk was through vineyards, a bit boggy in places.... but not too bad. Then the track switched to a long straight section where the former railroad track had run. The surface was comfortable to walk on...and less boggy. Trees lined both sides. On a summer's day they would bring welcome shade, but I actually enjoyed walking there on this wet day, watching and hearing the raindrops fall on the leaves.
It was not a long walk to Eauze. One of the things I found frustrating about this part of the south of France was that you either walked 16, 17 18 km..... or you walked 32... 34.... 38.... and I tended to find the thought of 30+ km too much, but the shorter option made for slow progress through this region. (Once we reached Spain, it was easy just to add another 3, 5, or 8km to the distance already walked... but in the south of France, the distance between gites was much greater.)

With an early arrival in Eauze it was a little too early to go to the gite. So I had lunch with a few other pilgrims under the arches in the main square, along with a noisy school group also sheltering there! In the gite itself I shared the room with some friendly students from Eastern Europe.


  1. Gite in Lamothe:
    Condom - Lamothe = 27 km
    Lamothe - Nogaro = 28 km

    The Gite foundet in August 2008.
    Look the complet guide of Via Podiensis on GoogleMaps

    H've 'n good time

  2. Thanks Fritz. That part of France seemed in need of a few more gites when we walked, and I know we saw some along the way that were in the process of being built. This one must have been one of those perhaps, as we passed this way in May 2008.